So we opened this yesterday at Our nearly bi-monthly holiday Monday lunch at Olio e Limone. A huge Chardonnay none of us expected. Oak. Butter. Fruit. A-Typical especially for 2014. A wine for big Chardonnay peopleHOWEVER… we set it aside for two plus hours. Enjoyed lunch with a few other wines then came back to it. And it had settled down. Lost its crazy adolescence. Became more of a serious architectural student finishing 12th grade. Years of a bright future this one has. But Patience is required. A few bottles left in stock. Open until 6pm the rest of the week. #renegadewines #santabarbara #winenerd #sb #sommlife #winetasting #wineporn #seesb #trustyourpalate #montecito #sbcwine #seriousjuice #winetime #winegeeks #winewednesday #sbiff

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