Zing Zing Zip Zip

Spent the morning exploring Leo Alzinger’s brilliant creations. A few adjectives to describe his wines: precise. foucused. clean. minerals. Both Gruners and Rieslings have his distinctive touch that is found in no other winery in the Wachau. Our favorites if we had to choose would be both his Gruner & Riesling from the Steinertal vineyard. The Gruner is very fresh and exotic with a creaminess that develops over time. The Riesling has tremendous acid, a herbal + mineral infusion, and is utterly pure. A 30 year wine easily. We discovered this when Leo blinded us on a wine of his. We were asked to guess age. The color was clean with tinges of green apple, the taste was@of a maturing Riesling. 2000? 2001? No. It was his 1994 Steinertal Riesling. 24 years old with years left in it. Thank you Leo for a tremendous morning. #renegadewines #santabarbara #winenerd #sb #sommlife #winetasting #wineporn #seesb #trustyourpalate #montecito #sbcwine #seriousjuice #winetime #winegeeks #winewednesday #funkzone #centralcalifornia #foodiesofsb #zagat #som

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