The Final Straw: Schloss Gobelsburg, 1000 Years. Ok. Crazy, right? In 1171 monks were granted their first vineyards of what we today take for granted. These vineyards are Heiligenstein and Gaisberg. They’ve existed for nearly forever. Documents exist at Gobelsburg (we didn’t ask to see fearing it would prove impolite + not sure we could read them). We were treated to a grand tasting by Michael of some 24

Wines representing all the vineyards and styles of the estate. These are singular wines unlike anything we’ve tasted on our journey. Not less or more. Just different. We were treated to a “light” lunch of traditional Vienna-fare before exploring the cellar and then tasting the wines. From sparkling to sweet we were amazed. Michael’s knowledge is deep and open. He treated us to a three hour conversation. It was intense, deep, thrilling, and uplifting. That there is someone that is willing to carry on tradition from centuries past speaks to the historian in all of us. One additional note: his TBA may

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