Red Sonja

This is not the label we signed up for! Backstory: we sampled this utterly fabulous, biodynamic Austrian Cabernet Franc in Vienna a few months ago from a bottle with a very different label. We ordered it and it has now arrived. Quite the curious label this “Red Sonja” Regardless this is Great Juice. Medium bodied, fresh and bright. Hints of herbs and tobacco with nice shinning red fruit. Somewhat “natural” on the nose. All in all a very well-made Cab Franc. And who is this “Red Sonja”? A fictional character in a Marvel Comic book. And later Brigitte Nielsen played the character in the movie of the same name Co-starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes. The move received a 5 (out of 10) on IMDB. The wine however is a solid 9. #renegadewines #santabarbara #winenerd #sb #sommlife #winetasting #wineporn #seesb #trustyourpalate #montecito #sbcwine #seriousjuice #winetime #winegeeks #winewednesday #funkzone #centralcalifornia #foodiesofsb #za

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