We’ll defer to Terry’s notes as we are on our way to dinner. But if we could say one thing about this wine from Pierre Peters it’s this: each vintage holds a specific memory in mind. 1999: Renegade. Out of magnum. It was raining. 2002: Gary Danko. Corner table with quirky waiter. 2008: yeah… we’re holding off on this vintage for a few more years. 2010? Birthday bottle. Living room couch. Relaxed conversation. And now:

“If Chétillons is regal, which I think it is, then Péters’ bottling is kingly. It is proud, “masculine,” always makes me think of the Chassagne side of the Burgundy Grand Cru whites. If it’s Chablis then it’s Les Clos. This 2010 is conspicuously open for a Chétillons at this stage, showing insanely expressive back palate mineral; the whole wine is fervid and will ambush you with its steel and umami and its icy mass of terroir.” T.T.

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