Chopin (Not Vodka, Perhaps Music)

That was the sticking point. No sulphates is a prime idea…sometimes. On the other hand these wines are fresh and vibrant and not at all natty or funky; in other words there’s no stinking barn smell here. Just pure expressions of gamay.

As far as label artwork goes Chopin rocks! But that’s what you see, not what you taste. Let’s skip to the very favorite: 2018 Beaujolais Villages Funambule. Carbonic 100%. No sulfer. All concrete. Beautifully fresh with plenty of alluring spice. Boysenberry coulis with a touch of underripe cherry. Warm hay and slight pinches of earth linger in the background but this compliments more than distracts.

This was an intimate experience as we were treated to these wines in the living room/kitchen of the proprietor Raphael ( this was before “the feeding of the horse & donkey”, not kidding, ask Jenna ).

Our take-away was curiosity tinged with intrigue. We can not wait to hold a tasting event at with these wines at Renegade and hear your views. #renegadewines #santabarbara #winenerd #sb #sommlife #winetasting #wineporn #seesb #trustyourpalate #montecito #sbcwine #seriousjuice #winetime #winegeeks #winewednesday #funkzone #foodiesofsb #zagat #sommelier #thatwinenerd #intothebottle #somm3 #savorsb #sbindependent #sbindy

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