Often overlooked here at Renegade until now. These are some of the best gems of Burgundy.

From left to right (thank you Allen Meadows for the detailed tasting notes):

2015 Chambertin-Clos de Bèze ($565) is cool, elegant, spicy and even more complex with its range of airy red berries, underbrush, earth, sandalwood and anise nuances. There is excellent richness, power and mid-palate density to the big-bodied but not massive flavors that exhibit a subtle minerality on the mouth coating and hugely long finish. This is certainly an imposing wine yet the mouthfeel is one of class and grace and interestingly for such a young Bèze, there is virtually no austerity. Wow.

The other two are Chardonnays. The middle bottle is a truly romantic expression of the varietal in Morey-Saint-Denis from the vineyard ‘En la rue de Vergy” ($125) and the far right bottle is a gorgeous Chardonnay from Marsanny ($52), perhaps the benchmark of the appellation.

We are open until 6pm the rest of the week.

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