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Posted in Uncategorized, wordings on 2 August 2009 by stephen wayne

a short note
from Miles,
a melody for

and then like
away we sway.


Posted in wordings on 28 May 2009 by stephen wayne

what is our legacy?
a touch and ruthless
when breath endangers air
where do we find ourselves?

(ill)inear dance

Posted in wordings on 10 March 2009 by stephen wayne

at some point
we will learn to feel
past all our befores

we will not
erase history but compliment it
with amazement and virtue

we will absorb
yesterday but not allow
it’s anchorage to bind

we will draw
strength and emerge

Posted in wordings on 11 January 2009 by stephen wayne

we slink around
the truth, avoid
complications brought
about by admittance,
and all the while
what we crave
is the desire to be

Posted in wordings on 29 November 2008 by stephen wayne

“we go through these days
with armor that shields us
from most of the mental-ware.
occasionally a sudden blast
reduces us to skin and we are
forced to balance one reality
with the other.”


Posted in wordings on 20 November 2008 by stephen wayne

“there is no sweetness
like the lose of a woman
to exaggerate the kindness
that has come before.”

Posted in wordings on 11 November 2008 by stephen wayne

“to write a great story
one must either live it,
or explore the uncharted depths
of imagination and risk
going mad.”

Posted in wordings on 17 October 2008 by stephen wayne

“…my evening stretches over this city like plastic wrap, a
night that exists in my dreams; the freeze dried, re-hydrated
cornea of life that maps itself with outer world symposiums…”

$2 gas

Posted in wordings on 30 September 2008 by stephen wayne

i am still left with that empty
feeling that comes from standing
up too soon only to receive a quick
right hook which promptly drops
you face down on the canvas.
a wicked evil way to begin

but to end the day at paradise
with a nice glass of coste-du-rhone,
attempting to ignore the terrible calamari
at intermezzo and all the hours before
noon. whole heartedly trying to aerial
my way out of routine and depression.

leap frogging my way from blonde to
brunette and back to
blonde. singing for my dinner at road
side off ramps with a sign reading
‘no formal training’.
climbing the monkey bars between half
court presses, pressing baskets of
albarino over a stainless steel tub that turns
sunlight into lightning. diving into pieces of a
game named backgammon with a ritualistic
air even khomeini would envy.

a journey of numbers divided by
syllables, tallied by short
mandarian speaking gentlemen
proficient with the abacas.

with a finish edging toward finite
resources, I cling to hope like
two dollar gasoline.

dark (k)night

Posted in wordings on 26 September 2008 by stephen wayne

they all are. except summers in Norway. then they are only days dimmed a bit.
I am in love, or at least I believe as much as I can that I love someone. it is a tender
subject for she is brilliantly ignorant or so the story in my mind goes.
perhaps she is desperately in love herself, afraid to voice a proper opinion,
or improper, which would be the more honest of the two.
but I will not intrude having suffered the quiet deception of ‘K’ and the
pregnant absence of ‘B’.

when she proclaims, i will embrass but not before.
well…knowing my patience with christmas presents…

but I have practiced patience since my earlier bouts of holiday insomnia,
and to hold my mersault-laced breath for a metaphorical month or even
a year  is not such a problematic stretch these days.